Research Interests

Behavioral Finance, Entrepreneurship, Experimental Macroeconomics

Secondary: Decision Making and Applied Psychology

Working Papers

1) Interest on Cash, Fundamental Value Process and Bubble Formation: An Experimental Study with Janet Hua Jiang and Yiping Xu, Submitted

2) Recreating the South Sea Bubble: Lesson from an Experiment in Financial History with Charles Noussair and Joachim Voth, Submitted

3) Incentives, Effort and Dynamic Reference Point

Work in progress

1) Rational Bubbles in the Laboratory (abstract),
with Jordi Galí and Charles Noussair

2) Tulipmania: An Experimental Study,
with Charles Noussair, Joachim Voth and Peter Koudijs

3) Does Moral Support affect Performance? Evidence from a Natural Experiment (abstract),
with Fabrizio Colella and Patricio Dalton

4) Disposition Effect and real Financial Decisions. Evidence from a Representative Sample of Dutch population (abstract)