Game Theory and Behavioral Economics Consultant

I obtained a Ph.D from the Department of Business and Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona

My research is mainly focused in the interaction between finance and psychology using behavioral economics insights.

On the side of finance, I am especially interested in understanding collective behavior in asset markets. In particular I use laboratory experiments to investigate two different but related phenomena: Asset Bubbles and Ponzi scheme.

In psychology I like to understand how individual characteristics and mental processes can affect people decisions when facing uncertain or risky situations such as trading, starting a new business or negotiating.

Articles in refereed journals

Interest on Cash, Fundamental Value Process and Bubble Formation

An Experimental Study with Janet Hua Jiang and Yiping Xu. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2016

See article

The effect of crime perception and information format on tourists’ willingness to Travel

With Josep Maria Raya. Journal of Destination Marketing and Management, 2018

See article

Can information regarding previous sales stabilize house price index?

Evidence from Spain with Josep Maria Raya. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 2020

See article

Incentive magnitude, reference point shifting and intrinsic motivation

A Laboratory Experiment with Roberto Dopeso

See article

Comparing Digital Strategies and Social Media Usage in B2B and B2C Industries in Spain
With David López López. Journal of Business to Business Marketing, 2020 See article

Working Papers

Recreating the South Sea Bubble: Lesson from an Experiment in Financial History

With Charles Noussair and Joachim Voth

See article

Predicting job satisfaction with individual cognitive ability through job learning and autonomy
With Roberto Dopeso and Aleksander Kucel See article
You’ll NeverWalk Alone: The effect of Moral Support on Performance
Does it pay to be good? The effect of companies’ CSR practices on investors’ financial decisions

With Sandra Llorens

The benefit of using sport celebrities in advertisement for non-sport brands: evidence from a laboratory experiment with
With Helena M Hernández-Pizarro , Elena Domingo Reguero
Monetary Policy and Rational Asset Price Bubbles
A Laboratory Experiment with Jordi Galí and Charles Noussair See article
Preference for Housing Services and House Price Bubble Occurrence Evidence from a Macro-Experiment.
With Stefanie J. Huber and Christina Rott See article

Work in Progress

Reducing Overconfidence in Experimental Financial Market

With Monica Oviedo and Annick Torres

Advertisements’ effect on financial decision