Game Theory and Behavioral Economics Programs

Game Theory and Behavioral Economics Consultant

The “Organizational Game Theory (OGT)” program

The aim of the OGT program is to empower managers, board of executives, key-role employees, with a methodological framework enabling them to use Game Theory on their everyday decisions.

Objective: Learning how to use Game Theory within your institution

Classifying your typical organizational decisions with the Game Classification Framework
Learning how to use basic concepts of GT
Experimenting GT principles interactively
Modelling decisions

The “Solution Game Theory (SGT)” program

With the SGT program we aim at providing solutions to specific situations or project helping the organization to discover innovative, powerful and strategic insights.

Objective: Providing solutions for a specific project by using GT

Defining the specific issue to solve
Working Session
Game Theory analysis
Informed decision

The “Behavioral insight” program

By using Behavioral Economics results we focus on the general or specific needs of the organization with a clear strategic emphasis.

Overview of main behavioral biases
Adapting Biases to the industry and organization
Interactive participation in experiment
Workshop with a strategic input on an issue relevant for the organization

Ask for a customized program for your organization

The programs are carried out directly in the facilities of the organization.
The length varies between 4 and 12 hours.
Only the SGT has a part realized outside the organization and its length depends on the issue to treat.
Programs can be both in English and Spanish.