Here you can find the syllabus and material I use in the courses I teach. You need a password to be able to see the material as some of it is protected by copyright.


Business Organization

This course examines how individuals create and maintain complex organizations to achieve their goal. Students will explore human organizations and the perspective of classical organizational theory with emphasis on organizational efficiency, organizational adaptability and each of the additional perspectives such as cultural or political.

Creation of Tecnological Startups

The main objective of this course is to generate new business ideas and to create their business model. The principal outcome is the development through the course of a complete business plan (Marketing, Operations, HR Plan and Financial Plan).

Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

The objective is to aquire basic competences and skills enabling the student to be efficient and productive within existing companies (intrapreneurship) and on the creation of new companies (entrempreneurship).


Transport Economics (Economía del transporte in Spanish)

El objetivo fundamental en el aprendizaje de la asignatura consiste en la adquisición por parte del alumno de los conocimientos generales básicos que le permitan comprender la estructura, organización y funcionamiento del sistema de transporte, en todos los ámbitos territoriales.

Experimental Economics

Lectures are constructed mainly from academic papers. The only book used is “The Handbook of Experimental Economics”, John Kagel and Alvin E. Roth, editors, Princeton University Press, 1995.

Financial Economics

The material for financial economics is in Spanish. Theory classes (undergraduate) are based on the book Marín, José M, Rubio, Gonzalo. Economía Financiera. Barcelona, Antoni Bosch, 2001.